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"I don't set out writing songs with an agenda. I just write what I feel and about what's been real in my life." - Nick Drouin

Nick Drouin’s family has been surrounding him with music since his days as a kid growing up in the country. His dad was in several local bands and his older sisters were either playing the piano or being recognized for their vocal abilities. “Because the rest of us were always into music, my mom always joked that her talent was playing the radio,” he laughs. Multi-talented, Nick grew up playing drums, guitar, and piano, all the while writing songs with his friends and bandmates.

“I'd get criticized constantly by my friends and bandmates when I’d just start singing the songs we were playing. I grew up thinking that I didn’t have a good voice and people didn’t like it when I sang. For years I was too scared to step out from behind the drum set. It was kind of tragic and it messed me up for a long time until one day I decided to just start writing and see what came out. Screw what anyone else thought,” he laughs "Sometimes you just have to be true to you."

For Drouin, one key ingredient for the his music is making sure that he stays rooted to where he came from. “I’m super-proud of all my songs. Writing for myself has been so different than writing for other artists and projects“ he says. “I’ll start with one instrument and strum a note or a chord, or jam on a beat and see what that melody or rhythm makes me feel and remember. The song develops from there. I try not to censor myself of second guess what comes up naturally."

The singer’s career has been full of highlights both on the stage and in the studio. He has shared the stage with legends like 3 Doors Down and Gym Class Heroes, and recorded in Nashville with The 3 Kings (the rhythm section behind country music titan Jason Aldean). “There is no other feeling like being on stage and having people sing along with your music,” he says. “There’s an unexplainable connection. You connect with them like nothing else. It’s like one giant party.”